Comment on the unit.

Wow, almost forgot that I have not said anything about the unit yet.

For me it was mostly overwhelming due to my ignorance and inexperience with the subject matter. Unfortunately, it reinforced my feelings towards social networking and online interactions. I was kind of hoping that it would change my mind, at least a bit, so that I could discover an interest in at least one form of online networking. That way I could join the web REVOLUTION and be a bit more normal like everyone else. 

It’s not that I fear technology or anything, I do use the internet and do enjoy it, just not as much as or anywhere near as often as alot of people seem to do. I think I must be old fashioned about friendship and relationships, and I certainly don’t see any beauty in computers or any small gadget thingys or how they function.




Youtube is awesome. Thank you to all the people who bother uploading stuff, I assume it’s generosity in many cases. 

With Youtube, you can be anywhere in the world and see some Systema drills or a classic performance of the murga Agarrate Catalina.  

Queen Ruby

The Mexicans can have Morris for president. I don’t care! I say we have found a queen for Australia. 

I swear fealty to our beloved Ruby, Queen of Australia and it’s territories, and perhaps one day New Zealand.


Geez. What is it with you people and cats? It’s getting a bit freaky.

Ok, photosharing. My first exposure to it was in class. I visited three or four sites and was only impressed with Flickr. Very impressed. I was blown away by all of the beauty! There’s some amazing stuff to be seen there and it’s not all cats doing weird stuff. I like how you can search for different subject matter and find photos of locations and events all around the world. I’ll be going back to Flickr for sure.